Q: How can I increase the amount of finished artwork I create while still creating quality work?

This is a question many artists, illustrators, designers ask themselves at some point in their journey. 
How can you be more efficient creating artwork without sacrificing quality? 
Some of this comes with time and practice. You’ll almost inevitably get faster creating artwork the more you practice and the more you do it. Like all muscles the more you exercise it the more efficient you will become when using it. 
In the meantime eliminating decisions through creating rules or boundaries can be a helpful tool in speeding up your process. 
You can do this in many ways but some common boundaries are limiting the color palette you use, or even the medium you create with. By doing this rather than sitting down to create work and spending time deciding which yellow to use out of the million different yellows, you limit your choices by having a consistent dark, medium, and light yellow in your palette that you use every time. 
This instantly allows you to pick which of the three is right for the composition and move on. Boundaries or rules like these allow you to not only increase the speed at which you can create by limiting the decisions you need to make but also make your artwork consistent looking across your portfolio.
Don’t forget as your art practice grows you’ll inevitably add in new rules and break old ones!
Talk soon!
Fleur & Ryann