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Welcome to Creative Studio Collective – a digital space where creatives converge to learn, share, and thrive! As working artists we understand the challenges of art licensing, building a business, and crafting a standout portfolio. At the Creative Studio Collective, we embrace the power of shared experiences, resources, and triumphs – because here, we believe that lifting each other to new heights raises the industry for all of us. Join us as we bring you the tools, resources, and insights that have illuminated our paths to success! We’re on a mission to help other designers find their own success one artistic journey at a time!


Are you ready to create more & build a well-rounded marketable portfolio? The Creative Briefs will help you plan, focus & be inspired to build out your portfolio & take it to the next level.

  • Jumpstart your design process to work faster & smarter.
  • Insider knowledge of what to design & when.
  • Level up your portfolio to be well-balanced & marketable.
  • Monthly Inspiration: Immerse yourself in our captivating mood boards, featuring themes, categories, and colour palettes that provide endless inspiration for your creative journey.
  • Work well in advance so you don’t miss out on opportunities.
  • Recommended Pitching timeframes for each brief’s theme or season.
  • Client-Ready Confidence: Practice working to a brief, boosting your confidence and enhancing your ability to excel in future client projects.
  • Create art-making habits that will build momentum.

The Art Licensing Portfolio & Pitch Bundle will get you started on the right track to license your artwork faster than ever before!

  • 65 Unique Portfolio Layout Templates
  • Portfolio Layout File Formats in both Canva & Adobe Illustrator
  • 65 Portfolio Layouts in both 11×17 in and A3 Size Options
  • Video Tutorial for How to Use Templates
  • 40 Social Media 1080 x 1080 Templates to Promote and Market Your Artwork and Collections
  • 28 Art Licensing Pitching Cut & Paste Email Examples from Introduction, to Follow-up, to First Contact
  • Our EXACT List of Questions to Ask Clients Before Quoting
  • Pitching Workflow and Checklist
  • Pitching and Licensing Goggle Tracking Spreadsheet to Keep You Organized.

Do you want insights into Print-On-Demand? Join us for a series of candid conversations where we answer all of your questions straight from the sources to move you forward today!

  • Want to know exactly what POD fabric company owners are looking for?
  • Curious how brands and makers find the fabric designs and designers they like to work with?
  • Wondering how important following trends is?
  • Curious about what types of collections they like?
  • Looking for insight into how they want artwork pitched and how often to follow up?

Struggling with momentum or want a place to ask questions on process and workflow? Connect with like-minded creatives, ask questions, and work together in our LIVE Quarterly Q&A Draw with Us sessions.

  • LIVE Quarterly Q&A Draw with Us Sessions
  • Replays to every session
  • Access to all past Replay sessions.
  • Ask questions LIVE or submit your questions in advance.
  • Accountability & connection with like-minded creatives

Stay accountable, receive guidance, and propel yourself toward your best year yet! Join now to create and get your questions answered!

In this workshop we’re pulling back the curtain on how we pitch, when we pitch, the emails we send, and how we present to clients.

We’ll be showing and sharing the actual templates we use, the verbiage in the emails we send, we’ll talk about how we handle “no” or no response, and the different tools we use to get noticed by art directors.

PLUS we’ve brought on an amazing guest speaker, Dylan M. to share all her tips, tricks, and best practices when it comes to both pitching and presenting. You’re invited to join us at the table for two hours of conversation where we dive deep into all the questions surrounding the art of pitching.

We’ve leveled up our monthly Instagram LIVES with our new Creative Studio Chats! These are 15-30 minute conversations for creatives covering everything from mindset to productivity, to our favorite art supplies, tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way, and so much more! PLUS we’ve created a whole new home for them in our new FREE Studio Chats Library!

Simply click the link above to sign up and you’ll have immediate access to the entire library! PLUS each new Studio Chat will be instantly loaded to your library, waiting for when you are ready to watch!

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