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Creative Studio Collective


this is a space where creatives can come together to learn from other creatives, a place to ask questions, share experiences, and provide both insight and clarity on specific topics. our goal is to create an environment of inclusion and community, a space where real conversations are taking place, where lessons learned are shared along with resources, disappointments, and successes. We believe in a rising tide and that by openly sharing our experience and knowledge we can brighten a light in others without dimming our own!


Fleur Crawford of Hufton Studio and Ryann Scrafford of Charlie Rowan Designs are the Co-founders of Creative Studio Collective.

The goal of CSC is to create a space to share collective knowledge, support other artists, and elevate the design industry together. With over 17 years of individual experience in the surface pattern design industry, Fleur and Ryann have jointly released 35+ collections to print-on-demand companies and successfully licensed their art worldwide.

Monthly Portfolio Building Design Briefs

Build a well rounded and marketable portfolio like a pro.
We are so excited to bring you are monthly Portfolio Building Creative Briefs! We’ve done all of the strategic thinking and planning for you, giving you more time to pitch & promote your collection.

Roundtable Series: Mastering Print On Demand

Join us for a series of candid conversations where we answer all of your questions 
straight from the sources! In this Roundtable  you’ll get a front-row seat to all of our candid conversations with our incredible guest speakers.


Art of Pitching Replay:

Dive deep into how we preset and pitch our work.
One of the most asked questions we have received from other artists, designers, and creatives is: how do you pitch your work and get noticed by art directors? In this workshop we’re pulling back the curtain on how we pitch, when we pitch, the emails we send, and how we present to clients.

Studio Chats: Video Library for Creatives

We’ve levelled up our monthly Instagram LIVES with our new Creative Studio Chats! These are 15-30 minute conversations for creatives covering everything from mindset to productivity, to our favorite art supplies, tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way, and so much more!

Mini Collection Challenge:

Are you as Surface Pattern Designer wanting to license your artwork? You’re in good hands. Sign up below to join our FREE 3 Day Mini Collection Challenge and you’ll have a pitch ready collection by the end!



Q&A Draw With Us Sessions:

Struggling with momentum or want a place to ask questions on process and workflow? Connect with like-minded creatives, ask questions, and work together in our LIVE Quarterly Q&A Draw with Us sessions.


Meet the Founders Fleur & Ryann


Fleur is a Surface Pattern & Textile Designer, based in Auckland, New Zealand. She graduated from Elam; University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Majoring in Printmaking and a Fashion Design, Certificate from AUT.  Fleur launched her career in Childrenswear Design moving into Womenswear and then Textile Product Development & Design. She traveled the world in her roles to work closely with manufacturers & suppliers, visiting trade shows to trend forecast,  and source textiles and designs. Working for some of New Zealand’s leading brands in commercial and high fashion she has 19 years of experience in the fashion & textile industry. After having her first baby she decided to create her own brand Hufton Studio and since then has dived deep into the world of surface pattern design & art licensing. Learn more about Fleur here: *Instagram *Website


Ryann is a Surface Pattern Designer & Illustrator based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Design & Merchandising and a minor in Art History. She began her career as a buyer in both the contemporary fashion and outdoor industries. She transitioned from a Senior Buyer to a Creative Manager for an in-house design team before leaving to run multiple start-up companies in the roles of both Brand Manager and Marketing & Operations Director. In 2015 she left the corporate world to pursue building her own product-based brand which was sold in boutiques around the world. In 2019 she transitioned to solely designing and licensing. She has over 17 years of experience working in the fashion and retail industry. Learn more about Ryann here:
* Instagram  *Website

Creative Brief Tip Keep Your Portfolio Diverse

Creative Brief TipCreative Brief Tip - Keep Your Portfolio Diverse In the world of Surface Pattern Design maintaining a diverse portfolio is a necessity. Completing the monthly portfolio briefs will ensure that your portfolio covers a wide range of subject matter and...

Creative Brief Member Spotlight – Alyssa Walsh

Alyssa is a Surface Pattern Designer based near Atlanta, GA. She creates hand drawn textured designs full of whimsical animals and natural elements that are inspired by adventures with her daughter. Her favourite thing is creating designs that can bring a smile to...

Studio Tips How do I Prioritise Rest as an Artist?

Q: How do I prioritise rest as an artist? Do you often find yourself too caught up in the whirlwind of creativity to take a moment to breathe? Is the thought of stepping away from your art for even a short period filled with guilt or anxiety? You're not alone. Many...

How To Get Your Design Chosen For An Art Call

7 Tips for Art Call Success: Getting Your Design Noticed & Selected So you've read the brief for an Art Call, and you're itching to jump in and start designing - but wait! Not quite so fast! There are some key details that you need to pay attention to before you...

Studio Chat – Myth Busting

Studio Chat: industry myth busting There are so many Industry Myths floating around in the realm of Surface Pattern Design. They can become a big stumbling block for artists, preventing growth in practice and business and they are often just not true! In this edition...

New Team Member – Welcome Melanie Sharpe!

Melanie (Mel) works as an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Surface Pattern Designer based in Auckland, New Zealand. If you would love to see more of Mel's work click here  To say we are excited to have Mel helping us would be the understatement of the year!As a...

Creative Brief Tip Stay Ahead of the Game

Creative Brief TipCreative Brief Tip - Stay Ahead of the Game  In the fast-paced world of creative industries, staying ahead of the game is no easy feat. One key strategy to ensure you're always in demand is to commit to creating consistently, and your briefs are...

Creative Brief Member Spotlight

Sue has always been a creative person trying her hand at many creative projects, and is a self-taught artist. Sue is enjoying her SPD journey and is inspired by the nature surrounding her at her home in New Zealand. Her latest collection “Blooming” is full of...

Studio Tips How Do I Get Out of a Creative Block?

Q: How do I get out of a creative block? Do you ever feel like you are creatively 'stuck'? Or have you felt all your design ideas flitter away when presented with a blank page? Every creative encounters roadblocks on their artistic journey. Our mission at Creative...

Studio Chat – Falling Forward

Studio Chat: FALLING FORWARDEmbracing growth in the creative journey Embarking on a creative journey is full of excitement, potential, and yes, the inevitable setbacks. It's in these moments of challenge that we need to embrace the concept of "failing forward". Rather...

“Thank you so much for giving those of us who are just starting out the tools, resources, inspiration, and courage to keep going and do what we love!

You are both are doing an amazing job and sharing such valuable info with the community. You both have such a genuine desire to give designers a helping hand and it really shines through!”


Creative Brief Member

I can’t thank you both enough for all the resources you have shared with the surface pattern design community. I loved your Art of Pitching workshop and I’m using all the artist resources that come with it, they are so helpful!

Can I just say, I love you both and all the help and support you are offering surface pattern designers! Thanks for doing what you do”


Creative Brief Member

“I love the POD Roundtable! It introduced me to new companies and brands to pitch to, and really made me think about my collection creation & pitching process.
There is so much insight to what fabric companies want & need to see from artists. I’m able to take the needs of the companies I want to work with into account from the very beginning of my creation process when I sit down to sketch.”

Alyssa Walsh

Creative Brief Member


We would love to answer them! You can visit our FAQ page by clicking the button below or don’t hesitate to email hello@creativestudiocollective.com or Fleur at fleur@huftonstudio.com or Ryann at ryann@charlierowandesigns.com as we are always more than happy to answer whatever questions you may have!