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Creative Studio Collective


this is a space where creatives can come together to learn from other creatives, a place to ask questions, share experiences, and provide both insight and clarity on specific topics. our goal is to create an environment of inclusion and community, a space where real conversations are taking place, where lessons learned are shared along with resources, disappointments, and successes. We believe in a rising tide and that by openly sharing our experience and knowledge we can brighten a light in others without dimming our own!


Fleur Crawford of Hufton Studio and Ryann Scrafford of Charlie Rowan Designs are the Co-founders of Creative Studio Collective.

The goal of CSC is to create a space to share collective knowledge, support other artists, and elevate the design industry together. With over 17 years of individual experience in the surface pattern design industry, Fleur and Ryann have jointly released 35+ collections to print-on-demand companies and successfully licensed their art worldwide.

Design tool

Monthly Portfolio Building Design Briefs

Build a well-rounded & marketable portfolio like a pro

We are so excited to bring you are monthly Portfolio Building Creative Briefs! This is something that we created for ourselves as working artists to keep us on track with not only consistently creating new artwork but also filling our portfolio with a range of on-trend, sought-after artwork that is in line with what art directors are looking for.  Plus we’ve done all of the strategic thinking and planning for you, giving you more time to pitch & promote your collection.


Roundtable Insider Access to POD Fabric

with companies, brands, makers, and artists

Join us for a series of candid conversations where we answer all of your questions 
straight from the sources! In this Roundtable  you’ll get a front-row seat to all of our candid conversations with our incredible guest speakers.

Want to know exactly what POD fabric company owners are looking for? Curious how brands and makers find the fabric designs and designers they like to work with? Wondering how important following trends is? Curious about what types of collections they like?  WE’RE ANSWERING ALL OF THIS AND MORE!

We are sharing EXACTLY what print-on-demand fabric companies, brands, and makers are looking for from designers!

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Studio Chat

Video library for creatives

We’ve leveled up our monthly Instagram LIVES with our new Creative Studio Chats! These are 15-30 minute conversations for creatives covering everything from mindset to productivity, to our favorite art supplies, tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way, and so much more! PLUS we’ve created a whole new home for them in our new FREE Studio Chats Library!

Simply click the link below to sign up and you’ll have immediate access to the entire library! PLUS each new Studio Chat will be instantly loaded to your library, waiting for when you are ready to watch!

workshop replay

Art Of Pitching Replay

Deep dive into how we present & pitch our artwork 

One of the most asked questions we have received from other artists, designers, and creatives is: how do you pitch your work and get noticed by art directors? In this workshop we’re pulling back the curtain on how we pitch, when we pitch, the emails we send, and how we present to clients.

We’ll be showing and sharing the actual templates we use, the verbiage in the emails we send, we’ll talk about how we handle “no” or no response, and the different tools we use to get noticed by art directors.

PLUS we’ve brought on an amazing guest speaker, Dylan M. to share all her tips, tricks, and best practices when it comes to both pitching and presenting. You’re invited to join us at the table for two hours of conversation where we dive deep into all the questions surrounding the art of pitching.

FREE resource

Artist Resources

We have a bunch of free artist resources to help you on your Surface Pattern Design & Art Licensing creative journey.

Meet the Founders Fleur & Ryann

About Fleur

Fleur is a Surface Pattern & Textile Designer, based in Auckland, New Zealand. She graduated from Elam; University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Majoring in Printmaking and a Fashion Design, Certificate from AUT.  Fleur launched her career in Childrenswear Design moving into Womenswear and then Textile Product Development & Design. She traveled the world in her roles to work closely with manufacturers & suppliers, visiting trade shows to trend forecast,  and source textiles and designs. Working for some of New Zealand’s leading brands in commercial and high fashion she has 19 years of experience in the fashion & textile industry. After having her first baby she decided to create her own brand Hufton Studio and since then has dived deep into the world of surface pattern design & art licensing. Learn more about Fleur here: *Instagram *Website

About Ryann

Ryann is a Surface Pattern Designer & Illustrator based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Design & Merchandising and a minor in Art History. She began her career as a buyer in both the contemporary fashion and outdoor industries. She transitioned from a Senior Buyer to a Creative Manager for an in-house design team before leaving to run multiple start-up companies in the roles of both Brand Manager and Marketing & Operations Director. In 2015 she left the corporate world to pursue building her own product-based brand which was sold in boutiques around the world. In 2019 she transitioned to solely designing and licensing. She has over 17 years of experience working in the fashion and retail industry. Learn more about Ryann here: * Instagram  *Website

Studio Tip How Can I Ensure That My Patterns Are Unique?

Q: How can I ensure that my patterns are unique? It sounds simple but one of the most helpful ways to create patterns that are unique to you is to draw from your own creativity and imagination. . Rather than pulling inspiration from one source, try pulling inspiration...

Creative Brief Member Spotlight

Astrid is an illustrator and surface pattern designer born in Estonia, but living in France. She just finished the Immersion course by Bonnie Christine during which she created her first mini-collection; 'Life in the seaside'. If you would love to see more of Astrid's...

From Meh to Wow: How to Make Your Pattern Designs Stand Out

From Meh to Wow: How to Make Your Pattern Designs Stand OutLet's talk about how surface pattern designers can take their designs to the next level!  1. Keep Your Finger on the Pulse: First off, stay in the loop with what's hot and happening in the design world....

Studio Tips Working on Art Challenges

Q: What are you best tips and tricks for working on art challenges and making the most of them? Embrace the Challenge: Select challenges to participate in that you are excited about! Consider if the challenge feels inspiring or will push you to stretch your creative...

Little Cocalico Art Call Results

Little Cocalico Art Call: Winners and Licensing Results for Our Creative Design Brief Members 🥁 Drumroll, please! 🥁 Our latest ART CALL with the online Fabric Print-On-Demand retailer Little Cocalico just wrapped up, and the results are nothing short of spectacular!...

Top Tips For Starting the 100 Day Challenge

Tips for getting started on the 100 Day Challenge  OUR TOP TIPS FOR EMBARKING ON THE 100 DAY CHALLENGE Are you longing for a creative outlet. The need for something to get back in the game and regain your confidence. The saying 'practice makes perfect' holds true but...


I am an Artist Summit - 19 Surface Designers & Experts   We are honoured to be invited to speak at this Summit along side 18 other amazing industry leaders!! Are you ready to take your passion for surface design to the next level? Do you dream of turning your...

Creative Brief Member Spotlight

Rianne is an artist and designer from The Netherlands. Inspired by her love for travelling, thrift stores and her hobby of sewing clothes with beautiful fabrics, she now designs fabric for other makers and brands. She loves infusing a sense of nostalgia and whimsy...

100 Day Challenge – How do you come up with what to draw for the challenge?

100 Day ChallengeMastering Your 100-Day Art Challenge: Crafting a Prompt List for Success  Are you considering embarking on the exciting journey of a 100-day art challenge? The thought of creating something new every day for an extended period can be both thrilling...

Studio Tip Increasing the Amount of Completed Quality Artwork

Q: How can I increase the amount of finished artwork I create while still creating quality work?This is a question many artists, illustrators, designers ask themselves at some point in their journey.    How can you be more efficient creating artwork without...


We would love to answer them! You can visit our FAQ page by clicking the button below or don’t hesitate to email hello@creativestudiocollective.com or Fleur at fleur@huftonstudio.com or Ryann at ryann@charlierowandesigns.com as we are always more than happy to answer whatever questions you may have!