The Art of Pitching Workshop


Unlock Your Pitching Power: Master the Art of Presenting & Pitching, From Contact to Contract — Discover the Secrets to Successful Client Engagement

In this workshop we’re pulling back the curtain on how we pitch, when we pitch, the emails we send, and how we present to clients. We’ll be showing and sharing the actual templates we use, the verbiage in the emails we send, we’ll talk about how we handle “no” or no response, and the different tools we use to get noticed by art directors. PLUS we’ve brought on an amazing guest speaker, Dylan M. to share all her tips, tricks, and best practices when it comes to both pitching and presenting. You’re invited to join us at the table for two hours of conversation where we dive deep into all the questions surrounding the art of pitching.

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Topics & Questions answered:

When are You Ready to Pitch

  • How to know when you are ready to pitch?
  • What makes a collection? ie 3 prints, 12 prints, 1 colorway, 2 colorways?

Setting Up Your Pitch

  • How to present your collection? We’ll be discussing different ways to pitch a collection (with an example from each panelist on how they pitch)
  • What information do you need to include in your pitch?
  • Do you pitch one collection at a time or multiple?
  • Where do you send art directors to view more of your work? (i.e.Website, Portfolio, Instagram, Spoonflower, Society6, etc)

Researching & Contacting Companies

  • How to find companies, their contact information, and if you have the correct contact at the company?
  • Most common industries to focus on when getting started.
  • The importance of pitching to the right companies, are you a match?
  • Pitching methods, pitching one company at a time vs multiple?
  • How to decide who to contact first on your dream list of companies – where did we start?

Sending Your Pitch

  • What verbage do we include in a pitch email & our tips for writing them. 
  • How to get noticed by art directors, and how to stay connected once you’re noticed.
  • How we follow up, how frequently, and what we include in our follow-ups. 
  • Best times to pitch different seasons (ie Christmas, summer, Valentine’s Day)

 What to do After You’ve Sent Your Pitch

  • What we do when we hear a company is not interested, or nothing at all. 
  • Once a client is interested, what’s next? 
  • How we present to a client. 
  • How we build an ongoing relationship with clients.

What’s Included?

What’s better than diving deep into some of your favorite topics and learning from other creatives?

Loads of FREE templates, resources, and guides

to help you move forward!


We’ve included a resource list of our favorite places to use when it comes to mockups. PLUS you’ll receive 5 FREE mockups from Creatsy.

Email Templates:

We’re sharing exactly how we pitch companies with multiple email templates.

Sale Sheets:

We’ve created an Illustrator file with 9 sale sheet templates to use for presenting your own collections.


Tracking Template:

We’ve created a Google Sheet Template for you to track all of your pitches and follow ups.


Pitching Checklist:

We’re sharing our checklist for how we self critique our work and the steps we take to ensure it’s ready to pitch.

Pitching Calendar:

We’re giving you a list of the dates we have on our calendar to help us stay on top of deadlines and know what to pitch when.



Guest Speaker Extra Bonus

We’ve just added another amazing FREE BONUS to the workshop! When you join us for the workshop you will also get Dylan’s How To Guide on how she catalogues & keywords all of her artwork. Which has allowed her to successfully catalog and manage over 500 pieces of artwork!

What Workshop Attendees are Saying:

I’ve been going through the pitching bonuses and they are so amazing—worth the cost of the workshop alone, though the workshop was also great and I’ll be watching it again.
And what I appreciate the most, is they are NOT fluff bonuses.


Thank you so much for putting together such an amazing workshop with amazing women! You are making a world of difference to so many women entrepreneurs, and demystifying the world of licensing and retail. I learned so much and can’t wait for more workshops!


Excellent value! I thought it was a great workshop and value for money. I have attended some workshops and felt that the speakers were not open in the information they provided. But your willingness to share real-life examples helped solidify the ‘theory’ so to speak.


It was such great content, I could have happily listened for another 2 hours! Thank you ladies, this was exactly the topic I need right now. I learned a lot, I’m so glad that I bought the ticket!


Absolutely worth the money – and so jam-packed with info that I don’t feel like I wasted my time. I’ll probably re-watch it again in a few months to refresh – overall I feel much more confident about pitching!


That was really REALLY amazing! Thanks for all the time and effort you clearly put into it – and the bonus materials are AMAZEBALLS!


About Fleur

Fleur is a Surface Pattern & Textile Designer, based in Auckland, New Zealand. She graduated from Elam; University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Majoring in Printmaking and a Fashion Design, Certificate from AUT.  Fleur launched her career in Childrenswear Design moving into Womenswear and then Textile Product Development & Design. She traveled the world in her roles to work closely with manufacturers & suppliers, visiting trade shows to trend forecast,  and source textiles and designs. Working for some of New Zealand’s leading brands in commercial and high fashion she has 19 years of experience in the fashion & textile industry. After having her first baby she decided to create her own brand Hufton Studio and since then has dived deep into the world of surface pattern design & art licensing. Learn more about Fleur here: *Instagram *Website

About Ryann

Ryann is a Surface Pattern Designer & Illustrator based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Design & Merchandising and a minor in Art History. She began her career as a buyer in both the contemporary fashion and outdoor industries. She transitioned from a Senior Buyer to a Creative Manager for an in-house design team before leaving to run multiple start-up companies in the roles of both Brand Manager and Marketing & Operations Director. In 2015 she left the corporate world to pursue building her own product-based brand which was sold in boutiques around the world. In 2019 she transitioned to solely designing and licensing. She has over 17 years of experience working in the fashion and retail industry. Learn more about Ryann here: * Instagram  *Website

Guest Speaker

About Dylan

Dylan Mierzwinski (“M” for short), is an illustrator and surface designer living in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Arizona. A top teacher on Skillshare, Dylan is known for her warmth, ability to communicate difficult ideas clearly, and bold and retro botanical illustrations. As a self-taught artist, Dylan has enthusiastically grown into her position in the art world as a creative cheerleader, sharer of helpful keyboard shortcuts and combiner of unexpected colors. She enjoys waving at dogs, quoting Michael Scott and encouraging people to talk about their feelings (not a joke). Learn more about Dylan here: *Instagram *Website

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