Little Cocalico Art Call: Winners and Licensing Results for Our Creative Design Brief Members

🥁 Drumroll, please! 🥁 Our latest ART CALL with the online Fabric Print-On-Demand retailer Little Cocalico just wrapped up, and the results are nothing short of spectacular!

Guess what? They didn’t pick just one Portfolio Building Creative Brief member’s collection; they chose TWO amazing collections from our member submissions to be licensed with them – and it totally blew their minds! 🏆 We are thrilled about the success of our Brief members. Over the last two Art calls, four members have had their artwork licensed, which is absolutely amazing.

Before we dive into the details, we want to send a massive THANK YOU to this incredible community. You guys are the heartbeat of creativity, and we’re endlessly inspired by your talent and dedication! Hosting these Art Calls is a true joy, and seeing your unique interpretations of our briefs? It’s pure magic! You all put so much time & energy into this Art call, and it does not go unnoticed.

We were excited to see Little Cocalico choose from over 100 submissions, with 29 collections making it to the voting stage – that just goes to show how amazing all your work was!! Even if you didn’t get picked, your hard work will not have gone to waste. This was also a great opportunity to build your portfolio & practice working to a Design brief from a company, to flex your skills & widen your portfolio. This is also not a closed door; it is still a wide-open door, and you can still pitch new collections to Little Cocalico if you feel you are a good fit for their company & customer base.

Now, let’s dive into the results!!

Little Cocalico’s top pick 🥇 goes to @studio.rianne, and their 2nd place collection was none other than @poppiesanducks! We can’t wait to see these two beautiful collections with Little Cocalico in the coming weeks. Let’s support Rianne & Benedetta and congratulate them on this lovely move forward in their creative journey.

And to all the talented souls who entered but didn’t make the final cut – you are AMAZING! 🌟 Your work shone brightly, and we appreciate every stroke of your creative genius.


A massive shoutout to our partner in this artistic journey, Little Cocalico. This wouldn’t be possible without them!

Remember, even if your creation didn’t make it this time, your talent is boundless. Keep creating, keep shining, and stay tuned for more exciting opportunities on the horizon! 💛

Our next Art Call drops in December for our Portfolio Building Creative Design Brief Members, so stay tuned!!

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