Creative Brief Tip

Creative Brief Tip – Find Your Treasure in the Mood Board

When you receive a new moodboard in your Monthly Creative Brief, you’re handed the key to unlock a treasure trove of ideas. But how can you make the most of this resource?

1. Visual Exploration

A moodboard is a work of art in itself. It’s a careful curation of images, colors, textures, and ideas. Take your time to immerse yourself in it. Let your eyes wander, and see what captures your attention. Is it the intricate patterns that draw you in, or perhaps the vibrant color combinations that pique your interest? Maybe it’s the unique style in which an element is depicted that intrigues you. 

2. Colors: The Palette of Emotions

Colors are the palette of emotions. Each hue has its own story to tell.  Colors can convey mood, evoke memories, and create a sense of unity in your design. Take note of the colours that catch your eye and resonate with you; they hold the key to establishing the emotional tone of your design.

3. Your Creative Flow

Moodboards are not just a collection of images; they are your companions on the creative journey. Paying attention to what you are naturally drawn to in a moodboard is the secret to unlocking your creativity. It provides direction and inspiration when you need it most.

Moodboards are indeed a treasure trove of visual inspiration. They serve as the compass. The patterns, colors, and styles within these visual guides are your allies, helping you navigate what to create each month. So, next time you receive a a new brief with a new  moodboard, don’t rush through it; take your time to explore, listen to your instincts, and let your creativity flow. You might just discover that the greatest treasure was hidden in plain sight all along.

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