Studio Tip How Can I Ensure That My Patterns Are Unique?

Studio Tip How Can I Ensure That My Patterns Are Unique?

Q: How can I ensure that my patterns are unique?

It sounds simple but one of the most helpful ways to create patterns that are unique to you is to draw from your own creativity and imagination.
Rather than pulling inspiration from one source, try pulling inspiration from a variety of sources, then spend time noting what elements you like from each.
Once you have your inspiration and visual note taking done, tuck that away and simply start playing and experimenting with the ideas. This process can help you come up with something that is uniquely yours, has your own voice, and will allow your style to start to shine through the work you create.
Don’t be afraid to spend as much time as you need in the experiment and playing phase!
It really is the best part of the creative journey.
Talk soon!
Fleur & Ryann

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Studio Tips Working on Art Challenges

Studio Tips Working on Art Challenges

Q: What are you best tips and tricks for working on art challenges and making the most of them?

Embrace the Challenge: Select challenges to participate in that you are excited about! Consider if the challenge feels inspiring or will push you to stretch your creative muscle! Will the challenge help you fill a gap or build out a section of your portfolio, are you wanting to do it for fun, to grow, or both?
Get Inspired: Once you know the direction or theme of the challenge spend some time gathering inspiration. Get outside, make a mood boards, collect reference images, jot down ideas, anything that sparks your creativity. 
Prioritize and Simplify: Identify the most crucial aspects of the challenge and prioritize your efforts accordingly. Don’t get caught up in trying to do everything at once. Simplify your approach by focusing on the core elements of your design.
Manage Your Time: Break your work into smaller tasks and set goals for each part of the challenge.
Push Yourself: Art challenges can be a great opportunity to exploring new techniques, styles, and concepts. Be daring and experiment with different colors, textures, and motifs. Step out of your comfort zone and see what magic unfolds.
Embrace Imperfection: Let go of the pressure for perfection. Art challenges are about growth and exploration. Embrace the imperfections, learn from them, and allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes. It’s all part of the creative process.
Stay Positive: Art challenges can sometimes feel overwhelming, but don’t forget these are suppose to be fun so keep a positive mindset. Enjoy the journey, celebrate your progress, and embrace the learning experience. Remember, every challenge contributes to your growth as an artist, regardless of the outcome.
Talk soon!
Fleur & Ryann

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100 Day Challenge – How do you come up with what to draw for the challenge?

100 Day Challenge – How do you come up with what to draw for the challenge?

100 Day Challenge

Mastering Your 100-Day Art Challenge: Crafting a Prompt List for Success

 Are you considering embarking on the exciting journey of a 100-day art challenge? The thought of creating something new every day for an extended period can be both thrilling and daunting. One helpful step to eliminate the overwhelm of this challenge is coming up with a list of what you want to draw or create for each day. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to curate a list that keeps you inspired and motivated throughout your artistic marathon.

1. Define Your Focus

Begin by defining your artistic focus. Much like any artist taking on this adventure, let’s say you want to delve into the realm of illustrations and challenge yourself to draw objects and shapes that don’t naturally spring to mind. Identifying your focus will provide you with a clear direction and purpose for your challenge. This will not only make your daily drawings more coherent but also help you grow as an artist within your chosen niche.

2. Brainstorm a Diverse Range of Prompts

Once you’ve pinpointed your focus, it’s time to brainstorm a diverse range of prompts. Open your creative floodgates and let your imagination flow freely. Consider objects, themes, and subjects that intrigue you or challenge your skills. Think outside the box and include items you might not typically gravitate toward.

To illustrate this process, consider compiling a list of 150 different prompts on your phone, spanning from telephones and breakfast foods to cars. This extensive list can serve as a wellspring of inspiration for each day of the challenge. Don’t hesitate to seek inspiration from various sources, such as books, movies, nature, or even your own experiences.

3. Think About Future Projects

While brainstorming prompts, be mindful of their potential utility in future projects. Consider prompts that could be seamlessly integrated into your broader artistic endeavors. Whether it’s creating greeting cards, patterns, or any other form of artwork, these prompts should serve as building blocks for your creative journey.

4. Maintain Flexibility

One of the beautiful aspects of a 100-day art challenge is the freedom it offers. You’re not bound by your list; it’s merely a helpful tool. As an artist, there’s no need to force yourself to use the list every day. Instead, treat it as a resource you can turn to when you’re feeling stuck or in need of a starting point. Embrace spontaneity and let your creativity flow naturally. Some days, you might find inspiration outside your list, and that’s perfectly fine.

In conclusion, creating a list for your 100-day art challenge is all about finding a balance between structure and spontaneity. Define your focus, brainstorm a diverse range of prompts, think about future projects, and remember that your list is there to inspire, not restrict.

By following these steps, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on your artistic adventure and create a stunning body of work over the course of your 100-day journey. Good luck, and let your creativity soar!

Join us!

Xx ~ Fleur & Ryann

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Studio Tip Increasing the Amount of Completed Quality Artwork

Studio Tip Increasing the Amount of Completed Quality Artwork

Q: How can I increase the amount of finished artwork I create while still creating quality work?

This is a question many artists, illustrators, designers ask themselves at some point in their journey. 
How can you be more efficient creating artwork without sacrificing quality? 
Some of this comes with time and practice. You’ll almost inevitably get faster creating artwork the more you practice and the more you do it. Like all muscles the more you exercise it the more efficient you will become when using it. 
In the meantime eliminating decisions through creating rules or boundaries can be a helpful tool in speeding up your process. 
You can do this in many ways but some common boundaries are limiting the color palette you use, or even the medium you create with. By doing this rather than sitting down to create work and spending time deciding which yellow to use out of the million different yellows, you limit your choices by having a consistent dark, medium, and light yellow in your palette that you use every time. 
This instantly allows you to pick which of the three is right for the composition and move on. Boundaries or rules like these allow you to not only increase the speed at which you can create by limiting the decisions you need to make but also make your artwork consistent looking across your portfolio.
Don’t forget as your art practice grows you’ll inevitably add in new rules and break old ones!
Talk soon!
Fleur & Ryann

Unlock Your Creative Potential With Monthly Portfolio Building Creative Design Briefs

Unlock Your Creative Potential With Monthly Portfolio Building Creative Design Briefs


Are you eager to build a well-rounded and marketable portfolio like a PRO, but finding it challenging to get started? Do you want to transition from the learning phase to the doing phase of your creative journey? If your answer is yes, you’re in the right place! Our Monthly Portfolio Building Creative Design Briefs are here to guide you on this exciting path of growth and success.


Our design briefs are more than just a set of creative challenges. They are a powerful tool designed to help you supercharge your portfolio-building journey. Here’s how:

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2. Build Confidence with Client Work – Practice makes perfect, and that’s exactly what our design briefs offer. By working to a design brief regularly, you’ll gain confidence in your creative abilities. This confidence will translate into better client work and more opportunities in the future.

3. Create Good Art-Making Habits – Consistency is key in any creative endeavour. Our monthly design briefs encourage you to establish art-making habits that build momentum over time. You’ll find yourself more motivated and productive, making substantial progress in your portfolio.

4. Elevate Your Portfolio – A well-balanced and marketable portfolio is your ticket to success in the creative industry. Our design briefs are curated to help you achieve just that. They cover a wide range of themes and styles, ensuring that your portfolio stands out and appeals to potential clients, so you never miss out on opportunities when they arise.


Our design briefs offer you valuable insights and advantages:

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